Taxi Rate Information

Flat Rates

303 Taxi provides flat rate service to and from Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports.

Flat rates do not include a $2.00 MPEA Airport Tax to and from the airports.

Chicago Loop Boundaries for 303 Taxi Flat Rate:

West: Halsted St;
East: Lake Michigan;
North: Oak St;
South: Congress Pkwy

Flat Rate Search

To find your rate, please enter the first few letters of your suburb:

TownPart of TownTown CodeO'Hare RateO'Hare TimeMidway RateMidway TimeLoop RateMilwaukee Rate
Abbott ParkAB5250-60 Min761-1 1/4 Hrs8889
AddisonE. of Rt. 53AD3525-45 Min5140-60 Min60148
AddisonW. of Rt. 53AD3930-50 Min5250 Min-1 1/4 Hrs60148
AlgonquinAL6340-50 Min891 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs104147
AlsipAS5740-50 Min3020-30 Min56173
AntiochAN791-1 1/4 Hrs1181 1/2-2 Hrs14186
Arlington HeightsS. of CentralAH3120-30 Min651-1 1/4 Hrs69129
Arlington HeightsN. of CentralAH3530-40 Min671-1 1/4 Hrs69129
Arlington HeightsN. of PalatineAH4030-40 Min711-1 1/4 Hrs69129
AuroraE. of Fox RiverAU5635-45 Min6445-55 Min102205
AuroraW. of Fox RiverAU5940-50 Min6950-60 Min102205
BannockburnBN4035-45 Min741 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs81103
BarringtonBA4745-60 Min821-1 1/4 Hrs92132
Barrington HillsBH5245-60 Min861-1 1/4 Hrs95140
BartlettBT5345-60 Min721-1 1/4 Hrs83161
BataviaBB6740-50 Min731-1 1/4 Hrs106198
Beach ParkBP6745-60 Min981-1 1/2 Hrs10977
Bedford ParkBPK5240-60 Min2010-20 Min42166
BeecherBC1031 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs821-1 1/4 Hrs102234
BellwoodBW2920-30 Min3430-40 Min37159
BensenvilleE. of ChurchBV2315-20 Min5340-60 Min56138
BensenvilleW. of ChurchBV2520-25 Min5340-60 Min56138
BerkelyBY2820-30 Min3835-45 Min44142
BerwynN. of 22nd StreetBE3420-40 Min2515-25 Min29155
BerwynS. of 22nd StreetBE3620-40 Min2315-25 Min31155
BloomingdaleBL3730-45 Min5745-60 Min67158
Blue IslandBI6045-60 Min3625-30 Min49177
BolingbrookBO5445-65 Min5035-45 Min74172
BridgeviewBD4840-60 Min2410-15 Min44167
BroadviewBR3825-35 Min3225-30 Min35146
BrookfieldBF4230-40 Min2520-30 Min37154
Buffalo GroveS. of Lake CookBG3840-45 Min751 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs76116
Buffalo GroveN. of Lake CookBG4145-50 Min761 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs76116
Buffalo GroveN. of Rt 22BG4550-55 Min781 3/4-2 Hrs76116
BurbankBK5845-60 Min225-15 Min40169
BurnhamBM761-1 1/4 Hrs4530-40 Min56183
Burr RidgeBU4130-45 Min3220-30 Min53155
Burr RidgeUnincorporatedBU4630-45 Min3520-30 Min53155
Calumet CityCT761 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs4940-50 Min58191
Calumet ParkCP6445-55 Min3730-40 Min49179
Carol StreamCS4330-45 Min6440-60 Min74172
CarpentersvilleCV5945-50 Min871 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs99166
CaryCA6850 Min-1 1/4 Hrs961 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs109143
ChannahonCN7960-70 Min7150-60 Min120206
Chicago HeightsCG761-1 1/2 Hrs5140-50 Min76198
Chicago RidgeCD5140-50 Min2510-20 Min49169
CiceroCI4130-40 Min2515-20 Min29159
Clarendon HillsCC3730-40 Min4030-40 Min56154
Country Club HillsCU671-1 1/4 Hrs4334-45 Min65189
CountrysideCO4130-45 Min2715-25 Min51160
Crest HillCHL731 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs6550-60 Min95192
CrestwoodCW5745-60 Min2925-35 Min58174
CreteCR851 1/4-1 3/4 Hrs6745-60 Min86212
Crystal LakeCL721-1 1/4 Hrs961 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs122151
DarienDA4330-45 Min4025-30 Min58182
Deer ParkDK5150-60 Min781-1 1/4 Hrs90127
DeerfieldDF3825-35 Min711-1 1/4 Hrs72109
Des PlainesS. of OaktonDP2210-15 Min541-1 1/4 Hrs58124
Des PlainesN. of OaktonDP2410-15 Min551-1 1/4 Hrs58124
Des PlainesN. of GolfDP2615-20 Min571-1 1/4 Hrs58124
Diamond LakeDL531-1 1/4 Hrs861-1 1/4 Hrs95108
DixmoorDI6745-60 Min4235-45 Min56187
DoltonDO621-1 1/4 Hrs4330-45 Min53150
Downers GroveN. of OgdenDG3830-40 Min4130-40 Min60156
Downers GroveS. of OgdenDG4535-45 Min4135-45 Min60156
Dyer IndianaDYI841-1 1/4 Hrs7945-55 Min81207
East Chicago, INECI671-1 1/4 Hrs5430-40 Min58208
East DundeeED5245-50 Min811- 1 1/2 Hrs95168
East Hazel CrestET6645-55 Min4330-40 Min69189
ElginE. of Fox RiverEL5140-50 Min781- 1 1/2 Hrs95165
ElginW. of Fox RiverEL5445-55 Min811-1 1/4 Hrs95165
Elk GroveE. of LivelyEG2320-30 Min601-1 1/4 Hrs60144
Elk GroveW. of LivelyEG2520-30 Min621-1 1/4 Hrs60144
Elk GroveW. of AH Rd.EG3125-35 Min571-1 1/4 Hrs60144
Elk GroveW. of RohlwingEG3525-35 Min561-1 1/4 Hrs60144
ElmhurstN. of Rt. 64EH2720-25 Min4535-45 Min46139
ElmhurstS. of Rt. 64EH2925-30 Min4330-40 Min46139
Elmwood ParkEK2920 Min3430-45 Min35140
EolaEO5645-60 Min641-1 1/4 Hrs92177
EvanstonEV3730-40 Min6050-60 Min37132
Evergreen ParkER5940-50 Min2410-20 Min42174
FlossmorFM711-1 1/2 Hrs4535-45 Min72191
Forest ParkFK3025-35 Min3030-40 Min30149
Forest ViewFV4630-40 Min1710-20 Min37166
Fort SheridanFS4345-55 Min801-1 1/2 Hrs72112
Fox LakeFL841 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs1091 3/4-2 Hrs134107
Fox River GroveFG6245-55 Min901-1 1/2 Hrs104138
FrankfortFR841-1 1/2 Hrs6445-60 Min88207
Franklin ParkFP2110-20 Min4145-50 Min44133
Gages LakeGG5845-60 Min921 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs11188
Gary, IndianaGI1381-1 1/4 Hrs7645-55 Min79197
GenevaGA7045-60 Min781-1 1/4 Hrs111194
GilbertsGB5750-60 Min951 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs109162
Glen EllynGE4430-45 Min5140-60 Min67161
GlencoeGC4435-45 Min711-1 1/4 Hrs60119
Glendale HeightsGH4130-40 Min561-1 1/4 Hrs67158
GlenviewE. of Waukegan Rd.GV3425-35 Min651-1 1/4 Hrs51121
GlenviewW. of Waukegan Rd.GV3325-35 Min651-1 1/4 Hrs51121
GlenwoodGW721-1 1/4 Hrs5040-50 Min72193
GolfGF3025-35 Min651-1 1/4 Hrs46124
GrayslakeGL5945-60 Min931 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs11895
Great Lakes Navy BaseGS5435-45 Min851-1 1/4 Hrs92135
Green OaksGO5130-40 Min831-1 1/2 Hrs9588
Griffith, IndianaGRI1281-1 1/4 Hrs7945-55 Min79212
GurneeGU5640-50 Min881 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs10284
Half DayHD4135-40 Min781-1 1/2 Hrs81105
Hammond, IndianaHDI1221-1 1/4 Hrs6135-45 Min65202
Hanover ParkHA4540-45 Min731-1 1/2 Hrs79170
HarvardHV1121-1 1/4 Hrs1401 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs175138
HarveyHR6445-55 Min4130-40 Min58186
Harwood HeightsHH1910-20 Min4530-45 Min37133
HampshireHSH7545-1 1/14 Hrs8785165
Hawthorne WoodsHT5345-60 Min841 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs95120
Hazel CrestHC651-1 1/4 Hrs4530-45 Min65188
Hickory HillsHK4940-50 Min2815-20 Min49165
Highland ParkHP4340-45 Min751-1 1/2 Hrs69112
Highland, IndianaHGI1231-1 1/4 Hrs7240-50 Min72205
HighwoodHW4545-50 Min791-1 1/2 Hrs69110
HillsideHL3020-30 Min3130-40 Min40146
HinsdaleHI3620-30 Min3530-40 Min53150
HinsdaleUnincorporatedHI4120-30 Min3430-40 Min53150
HodgkinsHO4335-45 Min2415-20 Min44160
Hoffman EstatesHE3645-60 Min731 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs83153
Hoffman EstatesW. of Barrington Rd.HE4245-60 Min741 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs83153
Hoffman EstatesW. of Rt 59HE4245-60 Min771 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs83153
Homer GlenHG6045-60 Min5040-50 Min74178
HometownHMT5845-60 Min2010-20 Min37172
HomewoodHM661-1 1/4 Hrs4535-45 Min72186
HuntleyHU6450-60 Min1171 1/2 Hrs122182
Indian CreekIC5030-40 Min7850-60 Min90109
Indian Head ParkIH4125-35 Min2720-30 Min49155
Inverary/DeerfieldDF3925-35 Min731-1 1/4 Hrs76111
InvernessINV4245-60 Min731 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs81153
Island LakeIL711 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs981 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs118122
ItascaIT3125-30 Min5745-60 Min69145
IvanhoeIV5045-60 Min881 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs102103
JohnsburgJN911-1 1/4 Hrs1181 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs138114
JolietJO7950-60 Min7145-50 Min99198
JusticeJU4745-60 Min2610-20 Min46162
KankakeeKK1951 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs1471 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs143243
KenneyvilleKV4440-45 Min671-1 1/2 Hrs74160
KenilworthKW3925-45 Min611-1 1/4 Hrs44126
Kenosha, WI KS1121-1 1/4 Hrs1741 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs14169
KildeerKD4540-50 Min751-1 1/4 Hrs88123
La GrangeLA3830-40 Min2420-30 Min42152
La Grange ParkLP3525-35 Min2720-30 Min46152
La Porte, INLPI2201 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs1641 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs166263
Lake BarringtonLL6145-60 Min901-1 1/2 Hrs104138
Lake BluffLB5035-45 Min851-1 1/4 Hrs8699
Lake ForestLF4835-45 Min811-1 1/4 Hrs79104
Lake In The HillsE. of Randall Rd.LIH651 Hr941 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs109182
Lake In The HillsW. of Randall Rd.LIH711 Hr1011 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs109182
Lake Station, INLSI1491-1 1/4 Hrs9450-60 Min97210
Lake VillaLK731-1 1/4 Hrs1031-1 1/2 Hrs13294
Lake ZurichLZ5045-55 Min841-1 1/2 Hrs95123
LansingLN7550-60 Min5130-40 Min69196
LemontLE5445 Min-1 Hr4730-40 Min72171
LibertyvilleLV5040-50 Min811-1 1/4 Hrs9793
LincolnshireLS4035-45 Min761-1 1/4 Hrs81104
LincolnwoodLW3020-30 Min5945-60 Min37132
LindenhurstLH661-1 1/4 Hrs991-1 1/2 Hrs12289
LisleLI4425-35 Min5135-45 Min67159
LockportLT6850-60 Min5946-60 Min81186
LombardN. of Rt. 38LO3525-35 Min4735-45 Min60155
LombardS. of Rt. 38LO3625-35 Min4835-45 Min60155
Long GroveLG4740-50 Min821-1 1/4 Hrs88116
Long LakeLLL7330-40 Min1071-1 1/2 Hrs127109
LynwoodLD781-1 1/4 Hrs5840-50 Min72204
LyonsLY3735-45 Min2710-15 Min36158
MarkhamMK6150-60 Min4130-45 Min60182
MattesonMT761-1 1/4 Hrs5340-50 Min81205
MaywoodMW3320 Min3325 Min34149
McCookMC4435-45 Min2210-15 Min40164
McCullom LakeMCL981 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs1221 3/4-2 Hrs141127
McHenryMH851-1 1/2 Hrs1142-2 1/4 Hrs136125
MedinahMD3325-35 Min5840-50 Min69155
Melrose ParkML2920-30 Min3835-45 Min37142
Merriville, INMRI1561 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs1061-1 1/4 Hrs104227
MettawaME4540-50 Min781-1 1/4 Hrs8898
Michigan City, INMCI2001 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs1421 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs143261
MidlothianMI631-1 1/4 Hrs3620-30 Min58179
MinookaMN8560-70 Min7350-60 Min126208
MokenaMOK771-1 1/4 Hrs5445-60 Min88204
MoneeMON801-1 1/4 Hrs7040-50 Min90207.186
MontgomeryMY701-1 1/4 Hrs751-1 1/4 Hrs109191
Morton GroveE. of Waukegan Rd.MG3120-30 Min571-1 1/4 Hrs44127
Morton GroveW. of Waukegan Rd.MG2815-25 Min571-1 1/4 Hrs44127
Mt. ProspectS. of Central St.MP2825 Min661 Hr60142
Mt. ProspectN. of Central St.MP3325-35 Min631-1 1/4 Hrs60142
MundeleinMU5040-50 Min811-1 1/4 Hrs102105
Munster, INMUI1191-1 1/4 Hrs6940-50 Min74199
NapervilleNA5035-45 Min5535-45 Min81170
NapervilleS. of 75th St.NA5135-45 Min5335-45 Min81170
NapervilleS. of 95th St.NA6140-60 Min5440-60 Min81170
New LenoxNE811-1 1/4 Hrs7350-60 Min99214
NilesNI2620-30 Min571-1 1/4 Hrs42131
NorridgeNO2210-20 Min4635-45 Min35137
North AuroraNU5835-45 Min6645-55 Min99181
North BarringtonNN5545-60 Min861-1 1/2 Hrs102131
North ChicagoNC5640-50 Min881-1 1/2 Hrs9796
North RiversideNR3330-40 Min2820-30 Min33155
NorthbrookE. of Waukegan Rd.NB3525-35 Min671-1 1/4 Hrs65113
NorthbrookW. of Waukegan Rd.NB3130-40 Min671-1 1/4 Hrs65113
NorthfieldNF3530-40 Min621-1 1/4 Hrs51118
NorthlakeNL2220 Min4335 Min46139
Oak ForestOF6350-60 Min4030-40 Min63190
Oak LawnOL5640-50 Min2415-25 Min46169
Oak ParkN. of Lake St.OP2925-30 Min2925-30 Min30154
Oak ParkS. of Lake St.OP3125-30 Min2725-30 Min28154
Oak BrookOB3220-25 Min4130-40 Min53150
OakbrookOB3220-25 Min4130-40 Min53150
Oakbrook TerraceOT3220-25 Min4230-40 Min51147
Old Mill CreekOM6445-55 Min1001 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs11873
Olympia FieldsOY761-1 1/4 Hrs5340-50 Min81196
Orland HillsOS7145-60 Min4630-40 Min76186
Orland ParkOK6645-60 Min4130-40 Min69183
OswegoOW791-1 1/4 Hrs801-1 1/4 Hrs109195
PalatineS. of Palatine RdPA3640-50 Min731-1 1/2 Hrs76131
PalatineN. of Palatine RdPA4045-55 Min791-1 1/2 Hrs76131
PalatineN. of Dundee RdPA4250-60 Min771-1 1/2 Hrs76131
Palos HeightsPT5640-50 Min3125-35 Min56179
Palos HillsPS5140-50 Min3020-25 Min53167
Palos ParkPP5740-50 Min3225-30 Min58177
Park CityPC5645-60 Min921 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs9590
Park ForestPF821-1 1/4 Hrs6050-60 Min86205
Park RidgePR2115-25 Min581-1 1/4 Hrs42132
PeotonePE921-1 1/4 Hrs7750-60 Min111221
PlainfieldPL6545-60 Min6840-50 Min92185
Pleasant Prairie, WIPPW1161 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs1561 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs14373
Portage, INPOI1531-1 1/4 Hrs9050-60 Min92226
PosenPO6545-55 Min3925-35 Min53186
Prairie GrovePG801 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs1071 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs125135
Prairie ViewPV4550-60 Min811-1 1/2 Hrs86108
Prospect HeightsPH3430-40 Min701-1 1/4 Hrs69124
RichmondRC1061-1 1/4 Hrs1411 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs166112
Richton ParkRP771 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs5645-60 Min83200
RingwoodRI1031-1 1/4 Hrs1341 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs143127
River ForestRF2920-30 Min3120-30 Min32149
RiverdaleRD7255-60 Min4230-40 Min53197
RiversideRS4230-40 Min2230-40 Min35158
RiverwoodsRW3430-40 Min711-1 1/4 Hrs74109
RobbinsRB6145-60 Min3530-40 Min53178
RockdaleRE7950-60 Min7045-50 Min115200
RockfordRK1551 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs2001 3/4-2 Hrs201165
River GroveRG2715-20 Min3630-40 Min36138
Rolling MeadowsE. of Rt 53RM3435-45 Min711-1 1/4 Hrs67143
Rolling MeadowsW. of Rt 53RM3540-50 Min711-1 1/4 Hrs67143
RomeovilleRV6450-60 Min5135-45 Min81176
RoselleRO4430-40 Min6040-50 Min74157
RosemontRT155-10 Min5130-40 Min42132
Round LakeRL7330-40 Min1041-1 1/2 Hrs125102
Round Lake BeachRLB7440-50 Min1091 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs12996
Round Lake ParkRA7130-40 Min1031-1 1/2 Hrs12298
St. CharlesSS621-1 1/4 Hrs811 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs97190
Sauk VillageSV841-1 1/4 Hrs6245-55 Min79203
SchaumburgE. of Roselle Rd.SC3625-35 Min691-1 1/4 Hrs81152
SchaumburgW. of Roselle Rd.SC4030-40 Min751-1 1/4 Hrs81152
Schererville, INSCI1331-1 1/4 Hrs8350-60 Min81211
Schiller ParkSP1910-20 Min4835-45 Min42131
ShorewoodSW711-1 1/4 Hrs7850-60 Min106194
SkokieS. of Main St.SK3225-40 Min591-1 1/4 Hrs40131
SkokieN. of Main St.SK3225-40 Min611-1 1/4 Hrs40131
Sleepy HollowSL5545-60 Min861 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs106173
South BarringtonSB4645-60 Min741-1 1/2 Hrs81151
South Chicago HeightsSCH791-1 1/4 Hrs6235-45 Min81200
South ElginSE6050-60 Min851 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs109173
South HollandSH731-1 1/4 Hrs4435-45 Min60189
StegerSG831-1 1/4 Hrs6745-55 Min83203
StickneySY4645-60 Min1815-20 Min28159
Stone ParkSO2320-25 Min4030-40 Min42138
StreamwoodE. of Bartlett RdST4650-60 Min711-1 1/4 Hrs90165
StreamwoodW. of Bartlett RdST4950-60 Min731-1 1/4 Hrs90165
Sugar GroveSR7750-60 Min791-1 1/4 Hrs113193
SummitSU4740-50 Min185-10 Min37164
ThorntonTH721-1 1/4 Hrs4740-50 Min65190
Tinley ParkTP7055 Min4635 Min67193
Tower LakeTL6545-55 Min921 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs106130
University ParkUP861-1 1/4 Hrs6940-50 Min95213
Valparaiso, INVAI1871 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs1371 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs136256
Venetian VillageVE7155-65 Min1021 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs12593
Vernon HillsVH4440-50 Min801-1 1/4 Hrs95110
Villa ParkVP3220-30 Min4930-40 Min53146
WadsworthWA6850-60 Min1001 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs12276
WarrenvilleWV4930-40 Min5635-45 Min79172
WaucondaWU621-1 1/4 Hrs921-1 1/2 Hrs113127
WaukeganWK5550-60 Min771 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs10977.5
WayneWY651-1 1/4 Hrs851 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs95179
West ChicagoWG611-1 1/4 Hrs661 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs92180
West DundeeWE5245-60 Min841 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs99167
WestchesterWC3320-30 Min3330-40 Min44147
Western SpringsWS3625-35 Min3025-35 Min53150
WestmontWM3825-35 Min4030-40 Min60155
WheatonWT4635-45 Min5645-60 Min67172
WheelingS. of Dundee RdWH3330-40 Min711-1 1/4 Hrs74113
WheelingN. of Dundee RdWH3430-40 Min711-1 1/4 Hrs70113
Whiting, INWHI8645-55 Min4430-40 Min46178
WildwoodWW5945-55 Min931 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs11392
Willow SpringsWL4640-60 Min3415-20 Min51160
WillowbrookWB4335-45 Min3720-30 Min56158
WilmetteWI3735-45 Min611-1 1/4 Hrs44128
WinfieldWF4550-60 Min6150-60 Min76174
WinnetkaWN4035-45 Min631-1 1/4 Hrs58123
Winthrop HarborWZ821-1 1/4 Hrs1111 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs12582
Wonder LakeWOL1071 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs1331 3/4-2 Hrs164140
Wood DaleWD2815-25 Min5855-65 Min65141
WoodridgeWR4540-50 Min4425-35 Min67165
WoodstockWQ791 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs1181 3/4-2 Hrs148147
WorthWO5140-50 Min2615-20 Min51168
ZionZI7145-60 Min1021-1 1/2 Hrs11584
MidwayMDW5430-40 Min172
MDWMDW5430-40 Min172
Mitchell FieldMFLD144178205
O'HareORD5430-40 Min129
OHareORD5430-40 Min129
ORDORD5430-40 Min129
Chicago Executive AirportPKE3125-35 Min6645-55 Min65117

Rates of Fare

Metered rates apply to all trips other than to/from O’Hare/Midway

First mile: $4.00
For each additional 1/10 mile or fraction thereof: $0.20
Waiting time per hour: $24.00

Extra Charges

Each additional passenger over the age of twelve (12):
When straight meter is used: $1.00
When Flat or Out of Zone rate is used: $2.00
There are different sizes that you can buy depending on what you are looking for. If you are looking for something that is large enough to hold all of the drinks that you will be purchasing it is recommended that you have a fridge that is large. However, if you are looking for something smaller best beverage coolers then you may want to have something smaller. It is often advisable to have a drink fridge that is large if you plan on keeping all of your drinks cold. Minivan request: $8.00
Tolls: Customer Pays Ipass Rate

Out of Town Rates

Rate 2

Meter plus 20% of meter if cab goes beyond the next adjacent village.

Meter plus 20% south of Irving Park Rd. in Chicago

Rate 3

Meter plus 50% of meter if cab goes:

North & Northwest Suburbs
North of the state border
West of Route 47
South of 95th Street
South, West & SW Suburbs
North of Route 120
West of Route 47
South of Route 30 & Indiana

Prices subject to change without notice.

Please be advised that the fare cost estimate provided herein are approximate and serve informational purposes only. The real fare cost may differ depending on many factors such as traffic conditions, detours, etc.