Taxi Rate Information

Flat Rates

303 Taxi provides flat rate service to and from Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports.
Flat rates do not include a $2.00 MPEA Airport Tax to and from the airports.

Chicago Loop Boundaries for 303 Taxi Flat Rate:

West: Halsted St;
East: Lake Michigan;
North: Oak St;
South: Congress Pkwy

Flat Rate Search

To find your rate, please enter the first few letters of your suburb:

TownPart of TownTown CodeO'Hare RateO'Hare TimeMidway RateMidway TimeLoop RateMilwaukee Rate
Abbott ParkAbbott ParkAB$4650-60 Min$701-1 1/4 Hrs$66$60
AddisonAddison E. of Rt. 53AD$3025-45 Min$4240-60 Min$44$143
AddisonAddison W. of Rt. 53AD$3330-50 Min$4350 Min-1 1/4 Hrs$45$143
AlgonquinAlgonquinAL$5340-50 Min$701 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$76$142
AlsipAlsipAS$4940-50 Min$2520-30 Min$41$168
AntiochAntiochAN$701-1 1/4 Hrs$871 1/2-2 Hrs$85$55
Arlington HeightsArlington Heights S. of CentralAH$2620-30 Min$571-1 1/4 Hrs$54$85
Arlington HeightsArlington Heights N. of CentralAH$3030-40 Min$581-1 1/4 Hrs$58$85
Arlington HeightsArlington Heights N. of PalatineAH$3430-40 Min$631-1 1/4 Hrs$58$85
AuroraAurora E. of Fox RiverAU$4935-45 Min$5345-55 Min$64$200
AuroraAurora W. of Fox RiverAU$5240-50 Min$5450-60 Min$66$200
BannockburnBannockburnBN$3435-45 Min$621 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$58$85
BarringtonBarringtonBA$4145-60 Min$691-1 1/4 Hrs$67$85
Barrington HillsBarrington HillsBH$4245-60 Min$711-1 1/4 Hrs$69$80
BartlettBartlettBT$4445-60 Min$641-1 1/4 Hrs$60$156
BataviaBataviaBB$5740-50 Min$681-1 1/4 Hrs$68$193
Beach ParkBeach ParkBP$6145-60 Min$791-1 1/2 Hrs$73$50
Bedford ParkBedford ParkBPK$4040-60 Min$1510-20 Min$33$161
BeecherBeecherBC$981 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$771-1 1/4 Hrs$97$229
BellwoodBellwoodBW$2420-30 Min$2930-40 Min$29$154
BensenvilleBensenville E. of ChurchBV$1815-20 Min$4440-60 Min$40$133
BensenvilleBensenville W. of ChurchBV$2020-25 Min$4440-60 Min$42$133
BerkelyBerkelyBY$2320-30 Min$3035-45 Min$31$137
BerwynBerwyn N. of 22nd StreetBE$2920-40 Min$2015-25 Min$24$150
BerwynBerwyn S. of 22nd StreetBE$3120-40 Min$1815-25 Min$24$150
BloomingdaleBloomingdaleBL$3230-45 Min$5045-60 Min$53$153
Blue IslandBlue IslandBI$5545-60 Min$3125-30 Min$40$172
BolingbrookBolingbrookBO$4345-65 Min$4135-45 Min$60$167
BridgeviewBridgeviewBD$3940-60 Min$1910-15 Min$31$162
BroadviewBroadviewBR$2825-35 Min$2725-30 Min$30$141
BrookfieldBrookfieldBF$3330-40 Min$2020-30 Min$31$149
Buffalo GroveBuffalo Grove S. of Lake CookBG$3340-45 Min$651 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$60$85
Buffalo GroveBuffalo Grove N. of Lake CookBG$3545-50 Min$681 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$62$85
Buffalo GroveBuffalo Grove N. of Rt 22BG$3650-55 Min$691 3/4-2 Hrs$63$85
BurbankBurbankBK$4445-60 Min$175-15 Min$34$164
BurnhamBurnhamBM$711-1 1/4 Hrs$4030-40 Min$48$178
Burr RidgeBurr RidgeBU$3630-45 Min$2720-30 Min$45$150
Burr RidgeBurr Ridge UnincorporatedBU$3730-45 Min$2920-30 Min$48$150
Calumet CityCalumet CityCT$711 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$4340-50 Min$48$186
Calumet ParkCalumet ParkCP$5845-55 Min$3130-40 Min$40$174
Carol StreamCarol StreamCS$3630-45 Min$5040-60 Min$55$167
CarpentersvilleCarpentersvilleCV$5145-50 Min$691 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$68$99
CaryCaryCA$5250 Min-1 1/4 Hrs$701 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$69$90
ChannahonChannahonCN$9560-70 Min$7450-60 Min$115$201
Chicago HeightsChicago HeightsCG$701-1 1/2 Hrs$4540-50 Min$59$193
Chicago RidgeChicago RidgeCD$4540-50 Min$2010-20 Min$40$164
CiceroCiceroCI$3630-40 Min$2015-20 Min$23$154
Clarendon HillsClarendon HillsCC$3230-40 Min$3130-40 Min$46$149
Country Club HillsCountry Club HillsCU$621-1 1/4 Hrs$3834-45 Min$53$184
CountrysideCountrysideCO$3530-45 Min$2215-25 Min$38$155
Crest HillCrest HillCHL$661 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$5850-60 Min$69$187
CrestwoodCrestwoodCW$5145-60 Min$2425-35 Min$44$169
CreteCreteCR$771 1/4-1 3/4 Hrs$5645-60 Min$71$207
Crystal LakeCrystal LakeCL$571-1 1/4 Hrs$711 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$75$146
DarienDarienDA$3630-45 Min$3325-30 Min$49$177
Deer ParkDeer ParkDK$3950-60 Min$681-1 1/4 Hrs$62$85
DeerfieldDeerfieldDF$3225-35 Min$621-1 1/4 Hrs$53$70
Des PlainesDes Plaines S. of OaktonDP$1710-15 Min$451-1 1/4 Hrs$39$119
Des PlainesDes Plaines N. of OaktonDP$1910-15 Min$471-1 1/4 Hrs$40$119
Des PlainesDes Plaines N. of GolfDP$2115-20 Min$491-1 1/4 Hrs$42$119
Diamond LakeDiamond LakeDL$411-1 1/4 Hrs$691-1 1/4 Hrs$67$71
DixmoorDixmoorDI$5845-60 Min$3235-45 Min$45$182
DoltonDoltonDO$571-1 1/4 Hrs$3630-45 Min$47$145
Downers GroveDowners Grove N. of OgdenDG$3330-40 Min$3530-40 Min$49$151
Downers GroveDowners Grove S. of OgdenDG$3635-45 Min$3535-45 Min$50$151
Dyer IndianaDyer IndianaDYI$791-1 1/4 Hrs$7445-55 Min$76$202
East Chicago, INEast Chicago, IN ECI$621-1 1/4 Hrs$4930-40 Min$53$203
East DundeeEast DundeeED$4745-50 Min$701- 1 1/2 Hrs$68$98
East Hazel CrestEast Hazel CrestET$6145-55 Min$3830-40 Min$51$184
ElginElgin E. of Fox RiverEL$4440-50 Min$691- 1 1/2 Hrs$67$105
ElginElgin W. of Fox RiverEL$4945-55 Min$701-1 1/4 Hrs$68$105
Elk GroveElk Grove E. of LivelyEG$1820-30 Min$521-1 1/4 Hrs$43$139
Elk GroveElk Grove W. of LivelyEG$2020-30 Min$561-1 1/4 Hrs$44$139
Elk GroveElk Grove W. of AH Rd.EG$2525-35 Min$521-1 1/4 Hrs$45$139
Elk GroveElk Grove W. of RohlwingEG$2625-35 Min$531-1 1/4 Hrs$46$139
ElmhurstElmhurst N. of Rt. 64EH$2220-25 Min$3935-45 Min$39$134
ElmhurstElmhurst S. of Rt. 64EH$2425-30 Min$3830-40 Min$39$134
Elmwood ParkElmwood ParkEK$2420 Min$2930-45 Min$30$135
EolaEolaEO$4945-60 Min$531-1 1/4 Hrs$64$172
EvanstonEvanstonEV$3130-40 Min$5150-60 Min$32$85
Evergreen ParkEvergreen ParkER$5140-50 Min$1910-20 Min$36$169
FlossmorFlossmorFM$661-1 1/2 Hrs$4035-45 Min$55$186
Forest ParkForest ParkFK$2525-35 Min$2530-40 Min$25$144
Forest ViewForest ViewFV$3430-40 Min$1210-20 Min$32$161
Fort SheridanFort SheridanFS$3645-55 Min$631-1 1/2 Hrs$52$70
Fox LakeFox LakeFL$611 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$821 3/4-2 Hrs$80$65
Fox River GroveFox River GroveFG$4945-55 Min$701-1 1/2 Hrs$75$133
FrankfortFrankfortFR$731-1 1/2 Hrs$4445-60 Min$66$202
Franklin ParkFranklin ParkFP$1610-20 Min$3645-50 Min$37$128
Gages LakeGages LakeGG$5145-60 Min$701 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$68$60
Gary, IndianaGary, Indiana GI$921-1 1/4 Hrs$7045-55 Min$68$192
GenevaGenevaGA$5445-60 Min$711-1 1/4 Hrs$77$189
GilbertsGilbertsGB$5250-60 Min$711 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$58$157
Glen EllynGlen EllynGE$3630-45 Min$4440-60 Min$49$156
GlencoeGlencoeGC$3435-45 Min$581-1 1/4 Hrs$47$75
Glendale HeightsGlendale HeightsGH$3630-40 Min$471-1 1/4 Hrs$50$153
GlenviewGlenview E. of Waukegan Rd.GV$2825-35 Min$541-1 1/4 Hrs$42$85
GlenviewGlenview W. of Waukegan Rd.GV$2825-35 Min$541-1 1/4 Hrs$45$85
GlenwoodGlenwoodGW$711-1 1/4 Hrs$4140-50 Min$46$188
GolfGolfGF$2525-35 Min$531-1 1/4 Hrs$40$86
GrayslakeGrayslakeGL$5045-60 Min$701 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$68$60
Great Lakes Navy BaseGreat Lakes Navy BaseGS$4535-45 Min$691-1 1/4 Hrs$67$65
Green OaksGreen OaksGO$4130-40 Min$691-1 1/2 Hrs$67$60
Griffith, IndianaGriffith, Indiana GRI$1231-1 1/4 Hrs$7445-55 Min$74$207
GurneeGurneeGU$4640-50 Min$701 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$68$50
Half DayHalf DayHD$3335-40 Min$621-1 1/2 Hrs$61$70
Hammond, IndianaHammond, Indiana HDI$1171-1 1/4 Hrs$5635-45 Min$60$197
HampshireHampshireHSH$7045-1 1/14 Hrs$82$80$160
Hanover ParkHanover ParkHA$3840-45 Min$621-1 1/2 Hrs$61$165
HarvardHarvardHV$1071-1 1/4 Hrs$1351 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$170$133
HarveyHarveyHR$5945-55 Min$3430-40 Min$47$181
Harwood HeightsHarwood HeightsHH$1410-20 Min$4030-45 Min$25$128
Hawthorne WoodsHawthorne WoodsHT$4045-60 Min$691 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$75$75
Hazel CrestHazel CrestHC$601-1 1/4 Hrs$3530-45 Min$50$183
Hickory HillsHickory HillsHK$4240-50 Min$2315-20 Min$44$160
Highland ParkHighland ParkHP$3540-45 Min$621-1 1/2 Hrs$50$75
Highland, IndianaHighland, Indiana HGI$1181-1 1/4 Hrs$6740-50 Min$67$200
HighwoodHighwoodHW$3645-50 Min$631-1 1/2 Hrs$52$70
HillsideHillsideHL$2520-30 Min$2630-40 Min$32$141
HinsdaleHinsdaleHI$3120-30 Min$3030-40 Min$42$145
HinsdaleHinsdale UnincorporatedHI$3620-30 Min$2930-40 Min$44$145
HodgkinsHodgkinsHO$3635-45 Min$1915-20 Min$38$155
Hoffman EstatesHoffman EstatesHE$3145-60 Min$611 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$61$105
Hoffman EstatesHoffman Estates W. of Barrington Rd.HE$3645-60 Min$631 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$64$105
Hoffman EstatesHoffman Estates W. of Rt 59HE$3745-60 Min$641 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$65$105
Homer GlenHomer GlenHG$5545-60 Min$3940-50 Min$63$173
HometownHometownHMT$4945-60 Min$1510-20 Min$32$167
HomewoodHomewoodHM$611-1 1/4 Hrs$3935-45 Min$51$181
HuntleyHuntleyHU$5850-60 Min$821 1/2 Hrs$80$100
Indian CreekIndian CreekIC$3630-40 Min$6550-60 Min$64$70
Indian Head ParkIndian Head ParkIH$3325-35 Min$2220-30 Min$41$150
InglesideInglesideIG$6245-1 1/4 Hrs$83$81$68
Inverary/DeerfieldInverary/DeerfieldDF$3425-35 Min$641-1 1/4 Hrs$55$72
InvernessInvernessINV$3745-60 Min$641 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$66$90
Island LakeIsland LakeIL$521 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$771 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$75$82
ItascaItascaIT$2625-30 Min$5245-60 Min$49$140
IvanhoeIvanhoeIV$4345-60 Min$721 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$72$98
JohnsburgJohnsburgJN$861-1 1/4 Hrs$1131 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$133$109
JolietJolietJO$7250-60 Min$6645-50 Min$77$193
JusticeJusticeJU$4245-60 Min$2110-20 Min$35$157
KankakeeKankakeeKK$1301 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$761 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$88$238
KenneyvilleKenneyvilleKV$3640-45 Min$621-1 1/2 Hrs$55$155
KenilworthKenilworthKW$3225-45 Min$531-1 1/4 Hrs$39$85
Kenosha, WI Kenosha, WI KS$1071-1 1/4 Hrs$1691 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$136$64
KildeerKildeerKD$3940-50 Min$701-1 1/4 Hrs$67$86
La GrangeLa GrangeLA$3230-40 Min$1920-30 Min$37$147
La Grange ParkLa Grange ParkLP$3025-35 Min$2220-30 Min$39$147
La Porte, INLa Porte, IN LPI$2151 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$1591 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$161$258
Lake BarringtonLake BarringtonLL$4345-60 Min$721-1 1/2 Hrs$69$75
Lake BluffLake BluffLB$4235-45 Min$671-1 1/4 Hrs$62$65
Lake ForestLake ForestLF$4035-45 Min$661-1 1/4 Hrs$56$65
Lake In The HillsLake In The Hills E. of Randall Rd.LIH$541 Hr$771 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$87$98
Lake In The HillsLake In The Hills W. of Randall Rd.LIH$561 Hr$791 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$89$100
Lake Station, INLake Station, IN LSI$1441-1 1/4 Hrs$8950-60 Min$92$205
Lake VillaLake VillaLK$581-1 1/4 Hrs$871-1 1/2 Hrs$85$55
Lake ZurichLake ZurichLZ$4145-55 Min$701-1 1/2 Hrs$69$75
LansingLansingLN$6950-60 Min$4630-40 Min$52$191
LemontLemontLE$4945 Min-1 Hr$4230-40 Min$60$166
LibertyvilleLibertyvilleLV$4240-50 Min$681-1 1/4 Hrs$71$60
LincolnshireLincolnshireLS$3335-45 Min$621-1 1/4 Hrs$61$70
LincolnwoodLincolnwoodLW$2520-30 Min$4745-60 Min$30$90
LindenhurstLindenhurstLH$581-1 1/4 Hrs$821-1 1/2 Hrs$80$60
LisleLisleLI$3925-35 Min$4035-45 Min$51$154
LockportLockportLT$5850-60 Min$4646-60 Min$67$181
LombardLombard N. of Rt. 38LO$3025-35 Min$4135-45 Min$44$150
LombardLombard S. of Rt. 38LO$3125-35 Min$4035-45 Min$45$150
Long GroveLong GroveLG$4040-50 Min$711-1 1/4 Hrs$66$75
Long LakeLong LakeLLL$6130-40 Min$821-1 1/2 Hrs$80$69
LynwoodLynwoodLD$691-1 1/4 Hrs$5340-50 Min$67$199
LyonsLyonsLY$3235-45 Min$2210-15 Min$31$153
MarkhamMarkhamMK$5650-60 Min$3630-45 Min$48$177
MattesonMattesonMT$691-1 1/4 Hrs$4340-50 Min$62$200
MaywoodMaywoodMW$2820 Min$2825 Min$29$144
McCookMcCookMC$3435-45 Min$1710-15 Min$35$159
McCullom LakeMcCullom LakeMCL$611 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$821 3/4-2 Hrs$80$75
McHenryMcHenryMH$661-1 1/2 Hrs$822-2 1/4 Hrs$80$81
MedinahMedinahMD$2825-35 Min$5240-50 Min$50$150
Melrose ParkMelrose ParkML$2420-30 Min$3335-45 Min$32$137
Merriville, INMerriville, IN MRI$1511 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$1011-1 1/4 Hrs$99$222
MettawaMettawaME$3540-50 Min$621-1 1/4 Hrs$62$70
Michigan City, INMichigan City, IN MCI$1951 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$1371 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$138$256
MidlothianMidlothianMI$581-1 1/4 Hrs$3120-30 Min$45$174
MinookaMinookaMN$7660-70 Min$6850-60 Min$117$203
MokenaMokenaMOK$611-1 1/4 Hrs$4645-60 Min$66$199
MoneeMoneeMON$751-1 1/4 Hrs$6540-50 Min$85$202
MontgomeryMontgomeryMY$651-1 1/4 Hrs$701-1 1/4 Hrs$77$186
Morton GroveMorton Grove E. of Waukegan Rd.MG$2620-30 Min$521-1 1/4 Hrs$38$85
Morton GroveMorton Grove W. of Waukegan Rd.MG$2315-25 Min$521-1 1/4 Hrs$39$85
Mt. ProspectMt. Prospect S. of Central St.MP$2325 Min$501 Hr$48$90
Mt. ProspectMt. Prospect N. of Central St.MP$2525-35 Min$501-1 1/4 Hrs$52$90
MundeleinMundeleinMU$4140-50 Min$671-1 1/4 Hrs$67$65
Munster, INMunster, IN MUI$1141-1 1/4 Hrs$6440-50 Min$69$194
NapervilleNapervilleNA$4235-45 Min$4535-45 Min$61$165
NapervilleNaperville S. of 75th St.NA$4435-45 Min$4535-45 Min$64$165
NapervilleNaperville S. of 95th St.NA$4640-60 Min$4540-60 Min$66$165
New LenoxNew LenoxNE$641-1 1/4 Hrs$5350-60 Min$73$209
NilesNilesNI$2120-30 Min$491-1 1/4 Hrs$37$90
NorridgeNorridgeNO$1710-20 Min$3935-45 Min$30$132
North AuroraNorth AuroraNU$5035-45 Min$5345-55 Min$66$176
North BarringtonNorth BarringtonNN$4245-60 Min$711-1 1/2 Hrs$69$80
North ChicagoNorth ChicagoNC$4640-50 Min$711-1 1/2 Hrs$69$60
North RiversideNorth RiversideNR$2830-40 Min$2320-30 Min$28$150
NorthbrookNorthbrook E. of Waukegan Rd.NB$3025-35 Min$581-1 1/4 Hrs$49$75
NorthbrookNorthbrook W. of Waukegan Rd.NB$2630-40 Min$581-1 1/4 Hrs$51$75
NorthfieldNorthfieldNF$3030-40 Min$551-1 1/4 Hrs$45$75
NorthlakeNorthlakeNL$1720 Min$3835 Min$34$134
Oak ForestOak ForestOF$5650-60 Min$3530-40 Min$52$185
Oak LawnOak LawnOL$4940-50 Min$1915-25 Min$39$164
Oak ParkOak Park N. of Lake St.OP$2425-30 Min$2425-30 Min$23$149
Oak ParkOak Park S. of Lake St.OP$2625-30 Min$2225-30 Min$23$149
Oak BrookOak BrookOB$2720-25 Min$3430-40 Min$43$145
Oakbrook TerraceOakbrook TerraceOT$2720-25 Min$3530-40 Min$44$142
Old Mill CreekOld Mill CreekOM$5945-55 Min$821 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$80$50
Olympia FieldsOlympia FieldsOY$691-1 1/4 Hrs$4540-50 Min$61$191
Orland HillsOrland HillsOS$5745-60 Min$3930-40 Min$54$181
Orland ParkOrland ParkOK$5545-60 Min$3630-40 Min$59$178
OswegoOswegoOW$671-1 1/4 Hrs$711-1 1/4 Hrs$77$190
PalatinePalatine S. of Palatine RdPA$3140-50 Min$631-1 1/2 Hrs$61$85
PalatinePalatine N. of Palatine RdPA$3445-55 Min$651-1 1/2 Hrs$63$85
PalatinePalatine N. of Dundee RdPA$3650-60 Min$651-1 1/2 Hrs$65$85
Palos HeightsPalos HeightsPT$4940-50 Min$2625-35 Min$44$174
Palos HillsPalos HillsPS$4440-50 Min$2520-25 Min$43$162
Palos ParkPalos ParkPP$5040-50 Min$2725-30 Min$47$172
Park CityPark CityPC$4945-60 Min$701 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$65$60
Park ForestPark ForestPF$691-1 1/4 Hrs$4450-60 Min$62$200
Park RidgePark RidgePR$1615-25 Min$411-1 1/4 Hrs$37$127
PeotonePeotonePE$871-1 1/4 Hrs$7250-60 Min$106$216
PlainfieldPlainfieldPL$6045-60 Min$5340-50 Min$68$180
Pleasant Prairie, WIPleasant Prairie, WI PPW$1111 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$1511 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$138$68
Portage, INPortage, IN POI$1481-1 1/4 Hrs$8550-60 Min$87$221
PosenPosenPO$6045-55 Min$3425-35 Min$48$181
Prairie GrovePrairie GrovePG$541 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$821 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$80$130
Prairie ViewPrairie ViewPV$3450-60 Min$661-1 1/2 Hrs$62$75
Prospect HeightsProspect HeightsPH$2830-40 Min$561-1 1/4 Hrs$54$85
RichmondRichmondRC$1011-1 1/4 Hrs$1361 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$161$107
Richton ParkRichton ParkRP$711 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$4545-60 Min$66$195
RingwoodRingwoodRI$981-1 1/4 Hrs$1291 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$138$122
River ForestRiver ForestRF$2420-30 Min$2620-30 Min$27$144
RiverdaleRiverdaleRD$6455-60 Min$3530-40 Min$44$192
RiversideRiversideRS$3330-40 Min$1730-40 Min$30$153
RiverwoodsRiverwoodsRW$2930-40 Min$631-1 1/4 Hrs$58$75
RobbinsRobbinsRB$5645-60 Min$3030-40 Min$44$173
RockdaleRockdaleRE$7450-60 Min$6545-50 Min$80$195
RockfordRockfordRK$1401 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$1801 3/4-2 Hrs$170$185
River GroveRiver GroveRG$2215-20 Min$3130-40 Min$31$133
Rolling MeadowsRolling Meadows E. of Rt 53RM$2935-45 Min$551-1 1/4 Hrs$58$138
Rolling MeadowsRolling Meadows W. of Rt 53RM$3040-50 Min$551-1 1/4 Hrs$58$138
RomeovilleRomeovilleRV$5850-60 Min$4135-45 Min$69$171
RoselleRoselleRO$3430-40 Min$5140-50 Min$55$152
RosemontRosemontRT$145-10 Min$4630-40 Min$37$127
Round LakeRound LakeRL$5830-40 Min$821-1 1/2 Hrs$80$65
Round Lake BeachRound Lake BeachRLB$5840-50 Min$821 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$80$65
Round Lake ParkRound Lake ParkRA$5830-40 Min$821-1 1/2 Hrs$80$65
St. CharlesSt. CharlesSS$521-1 1/4 Hrs$651 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$70$185
Sauk VillageSauk VillageSV$691-1 1/4 Hrs$5345-55 Min$67$199
SchaumburgSchaumburg E. of Roselle Rd.SC$3125-35 Min$601-1 1/4 Hrs$55$105
SchaumburgSchaumburg W. of Roselle Rd.SC$3530-40 Min$621-1 1/4 Hrs$58$105
Schererville, INSchererville, IN SCI$1281-1 1/4 Hrs$7850-60 Min$76$206
Schiller ParkSchiller ParkSP$1410-20 Min$4135-45 Min$37$126
ShorewoodShorewoodSW$721-1 1/4 Hrs$6650-60 Min$77$189
SkokieSkokieSK$2625-40 Min$471-1 1/4 Hrs$32$85
Sleepy HollowSleepy HollowSL$5045-60 Min$811 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$73$102
South BarringtonSouth BarringtonSB$3845-60 Min$671-1 1/2 Hrs$66$90
South Chicago HeightsSouth Chicago HeightsSCH$741-1 1/4 Hrs$4835-45 Min$63$198
South ElginSouth ElginSE$4950-60 Min$701 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$65$168
South HollandSouth HollandSH$681-1 1/4 Hrs$3935-45 Min$51$184
StegerStegerSG$751-1 1/4 Hrs$5145-55 Min$66$198
StickneyStickneySY$3545-60 Min$1315-20 Min$23$154
Stone ParkStone ParkSO$1820-25 Min$3330-40 Min$31$133
StreamwoodStreamwood E. of Bartlett RdST$3950-60 Min$631-1 1/4 Hrs$65$160
StreamwoodStreamwood W. of Bartlett RdST$4150-60 Min$641-1 1/4 Hrs$67$160
Sugar GroveSugar GroveSR$7050-60 Min$701-1 1/4 Hrs$70$188
SummitSummitSU$3640-50 Min$135-10 Min$32$159
ThorntonThorntonTH$671-1 1/4 Hrs$4040-50 Min$45$185
Tinley ParkTinley ParkTP$6155 Min$3935 Min$62$188
Tower LakeTower LakeTL$4745-55 Min$711 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$66$75
University ParkUniversity ParkUP$771-1 1/4 Hrs$5640-50 Min$71$208
Valparaiso, INValparaiso, IN VAI$1821 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$1321 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$131$251
Venetian VillageVenetian VillageVE$5855-65 Min$821 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$80$60
Vernon HillsVernon HillsVH$3640-50 Min$651-1 1/4 Hrs$64$70
Villa ParkVilla ParkVP$2720-30 Min$3930-40 Min$44$141
WadsworthWadsworthWA$6150-60 Min$791 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$73$50
WarrenvilleWarrenvilleWV$4130-40 Min$4535-45 Min$62$167
WaucondaWaucondaWU$501-1 1/4 Hrs$711-1 1/2 Hrs$80$70
WaukeganWaukeganWK$5050-60 Min$711 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$70$55.00
WayneWayneWY$511-1 1/4 Hrs$681 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$68$174
West ChicagoWest ChicagoWG$521-1 1/4 Hrs$551 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$66$175
West DundeeWest DundeeWE$4745-60 Min$691 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$56$162
WestchesterWestchesterWC$2820-30 Min$2830-40 Min$37$142
Western SpringsWestern SpringsWS$3125-35 Min$2525-35 Min$42$142
WestmontWestmontWM$3225-35 Min$3230-40 Min$46$150
WheatonWheatonWT$3935-45 Min$4745-60 Min$54$167
WheelingWheeling S. of Dundee RdWH$2830-40 Min$571-1 1/4 Hrs$56$80
WheelingWheeling N. of Dundee RdWH$2930-40 Min$581-1 1/4 Hrs$57$80
Whiting, INWhiting, IN WHI$8145-55 Min$3930-40 Min$41$173
WildwoodWildwoodWW$5245-55 Min$721 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$70$62
Willow SpringsWillow SpringsWL$4140-60 Min$2815-20 Min$46$155
WillowbrookWillowbrookWB$3635-45 Min$3020-30 Min$48$153
WilmetteWilmetteWI$3135-45 Min$531-1 1/4 Hrs$39$85
WinfieldWinfieldWF$4050-60 Min$5050-60 Min$59$169
WinnetkaWinnetkaWN$3235-45 Min$551-1 1/4 Hrs$43$80
Winthrop HarborWinthrop HarborWZ$691-1 1/4 Hrs$871 1/2-1 3/4 Hrs$80$77
Wonder LakeWonder LakeWOL$691 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$871 3/4-2 Hrs$85$135
Wood DaleWood DaleWD$2315-25 Min$4955-65 Min$48$136
WoodridgeWoodridgeWR$4040-50 Min$3825-35 Min$55$160
WoodstockWoodstockWQ$671 1/4-1 1/2 Hrs$921 3/4-2 Hrs$85$142
WorthWorthWO$4640-50 Min$2115-20 Min$40$163
YorkvilleYorkvilleYO$8350-1 1/2 Hrs$7150 - 1 1/2 Hrs$80$200
ZionZionZI$6045-60 Min$821-1 1/2 Hrs$75$52
MidwayMidwayMDW$4530-40 Min$115
MDWMDWMDW$4530-40 Min$115
Mitchell FieldMitchell FieldMFLD$96$115$200
O'HareO'HareORD$4530-40 Min$96
OHareOHareORD$4530-40 Min$96
ORDORDORD$4530-40 Min$96
Chicago Executive AirportChicago Executive AirportPKE$2625-35 Min$5745-55 Min$56$80

Rates of Fare

Metered rates apply to all trips other then to/from O’Hare/Midway

First mile: $4.00
For each additional 1/10 mile or fraction thereof: $0.20

Waiting time per hour: $24.00

Extra Charges

Each additional passenger over the age of twelve (12):
When straight meter is used: $1.00
When Flat or Out of Zone rate is used: $2.00
Minivan request: $8.00
Tolls: Customer Pays Ipass Rate

Out of Town Rates

Rate 2

Meter plus 20% of meter if cab goes beyond the next adjacent village.

Meter plus 20% south of Irving Park Rd. in Chicago

Rate 3

Meter plus 50% of meter if cab goes:

North & Northwest Suburbs
North of the state border
West of Route 47
South of 95th Street
South, West & SW Suburbs
North of Route 120
West of Route 47
South of Route 30 & Indiana

Prices subject to change without notice.