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School Transportation


School Services

You can’t put a price on your child’s safety, now can you? The taxi service you have trusted for over 25 years with school transportation in districts Lake, Cook and DuPage counties understands how important it is to stay consistent, honest and reliable in handling these and all other types of transportations.

It is every parent’s primary goal to make sure their kid is having a wonderful, innocent and calm childhood, and one of the ways to make sure it is so is to provide them with a safe transportation to school and back. When both you and your kids are in the best spirits and worry-free, every ride is a bliss. 303 Taxi is affiliated with over 125 certified Illinois school bus permitted drivers providing over 15,000 school-aged ambulatory and non-ambulatory riders per month. All 303 Taxi drivers have undergone extensive background checks, trainings, and tests deeming them capable and fitted for this type of service.


All 303 Taxi affiliates are extremely proficient at meeting the many challenges associated with providing this highly specialized transportation, and we promise your kids will arrive at school without a scratch!

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